My Son Ty, grew up Golfing has always been (what I would class) a really good golfer. He decided he wanted to take his game to the next level, so we had Rey fit him. He is extremely happy with the difference his new clubs have made. He even took his Club Championship this year!

My Husband had been Golfing for approximately 10 years. Although he LOVED the game, he was always "openly" frustrated with his ability! Ty took him to see Rey, who also fitted him with new clubs The change I witnessed last season was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! It was pretty well immediate, too. Now John REALLY loves the game and he's a treat to Golf with *lol.

I have been Golfing fairly regularly for the past 5 years and I honestly haven't really seen any major improvement. I also LOVE the game but now I'm at the point where I'm feeling frustrated with my ability. I still call myself a "Newbie". It occurred to me last Season that there must come a time when that statement is no longer true! I was so frustrated last Season that (by the end of July) I didn't want to go out anymore (even though we had memberships!).

Imagine my excitement when this Christmas my Husband gave the Gift of new Clubs (from Rey). We are Retiring to Beautiful BC in April and have 2017 Memberships waiting for us. I'm on my way to pick up my new Clubs today and can't wait to get out on the Course! I feel like now is the time to seriously try to make my game to the next level. I'm not going to be a Newbie anymore!

-Janet S.

Hi Rey,

Just a quick note to let you know how much I like my new clubs, okay how much I love my Miura's.

On average I am at least a club to club and half longer and the "mishits" well let's just say they turn out way better than they should, the sweet spot is incredible.

The time you took to understand my likes / dislikes, strengths and weaknesses of my game went a long way in matching the clubs to the best shafts for me.

Also thanks for taking the time to help me understand what a difference new shaft would make in my driver and three wood, they certainly have made the difference you said they would.

Thanks you are truly a professional at your trade, look forward to making a new PXG putter.

Sincerely, Pmac

In Florida we have many master club fitters. I've tried many in the past few years. They have good knowledge of men and women, but none did a satisfying job for my juniors. Until one day, my friend introduced Rey. Although he's thousands of miles away from Florida, his experience and knowledge made my daughter her best set of clubs. Thank-you Rey.

Ken N.


Last year towards the end of the season I was fighting with a drive that I had just purchased from a well known store as an off the track product. This drive was analyzed as correct for my swing and height. The problem was dispersion of my drives, because they were all over the place and it was hurting my golf game. After an analysis of my swing at your club fitting facility, you suggested a Matrix shaft and a Wishon head with a shorter driver length. After some discussion around the selection of components and the reasons for your choices, I could see that your expertise was just what was needed to make the right connection between my swing and my dispersion problems.

Right after the fitting having taken the drive out for a test run, I was elated to tell you that the driver has been perfect. Reducing my score on average by 5 strokes as well as giving my drives a slight distance improvement. Rey, I am thrilled and will be looking to fill my bag with some more suggestions for my hybrids and irons. You are an excellent club fitter and your expertise is a cut above. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family that play golf.

Thanks Rey!

Daryel G.

Hi Rey,

Thanks again for everything; the new Miura clubs are awesome!!

I went to the range this weekend, wow the irons feel like hitting marshmallows they have such a great feel to them.

Your knowledge and professionalism is second to none, best place to shop for golf clubs, fantastic shop!

Mike V.

Hello Rey,

Just dropping you a line to let you know that the Ikasu irons, and Miura driver work wonderful!! You can actually feel exactly where you are hitting on the club face! I hit 180 - 190 yards with my seven iron up from 150 yards that I used to hit with the store bought brand name clubs. The Miura driver launches the ball clean and straight 280 yards almost every time! Awesome-amazing clubs to hit with! I improved my game by 7 - 8 strokes after the first three outings!!!! Best pre-Christmas present to myself that I have ever purchased!!!

Thanks again, Keith P.

Rey I just got back from Arizona and the irons were super. They went where I aimed instead of the inconsistency I experienced before. 2 rounds, 81, 79. 1 eagle and 5 birdies. Going at the pin now instead of being happy to hit the green. I look forward to a summer in the 70's in 2017. Thanks a bunch. P.S. I am telling everyone I golf with how impressed I was with the fitting and the service.

Hi Rey,

I just wanted to let you know that my custom-fit left-handed Miura irons with Tour Issue Dynamic Gold S400 shafts are just amazing ... I loved them from the first swing! Worth every penny. Man, I swear I can feel every blade of grass I hit on my practice swings! Those shafts are something else ... So consistent, predictable, and communicative. And the forged Miura clubheads are second to none. These irons really give me the confidence just to trust my swing and focus on my targets, knowing each iron will perform as expected. Now I know I have the best equipment that money can buy, fit to my swing! That's a good feeling, because I want to play the best golf I can.

Thanks so much for your help! -Sean M.

Thank you Rey, for the new KZG hybrids you made for me this year. After a ok but wet season, I found that all and all the new clubs took about 5 to 8 strokes off my score. I went from an average of 107 down to high 90's by the end of the year. Thank you very much and I can't wait for next season to see if I can improve even more. Take care and I will see what else I can upgrade next season.

Elmer S.

After playing 12 rounds of golf with my new Miura clubs that you built for me, I can report honestly about how incredible they have improved my golf game. Your fitting process at your shop was so advanced it was an eye opener to the great details you take and the equipment that you have to analyze to match my swing to a fit and build a set of clubs from driver right down to my putter. Thanks for all the time you have spent with me on getting professionally fitted, you are a true professional at your trade.

Thanks, Matt C.

I'm writing to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you in your golf studio and what a fantastic experience it was going through the process of getting new golf clubs. I was amazed at all the high tech equipment that you have in your shop it's overwhelming to say the last you truly are a professional in your field. The new PXG woods and hybrids are amazing to hit, so forgiving and my shot preciseness is so good now I'm in play most of the time whereas before I was all over the place.

The Miura irons and wedges that you made me are like throwing darts at a dart board they are so accurate and distance control on them are perfect. In the last 3 months my handicap went down by 4! My friends can't believe how well I'm playing, thanks to you.

I tell everyone I know to get properly fitted by Erickson's Golf if you want to get to the next level and play better golf. These are the best set of clubs I have had in the last 30 years of playing golf.

Thanks, Thomas M.

I must say I'm extremely satisfied with the performance of my new PXG 0311 irons and wedges that you custom fitted and built for me. I was amazed at the high tech fitting process and how you can capture all the fine details that go into evaluating shafts and all other parts that need to be properly fitted to each individual swing to get fitted right. My game has already gone to another level, handicap has gone down. My next step is to get new driver and hybrids from you next month.

Sincerely, Chris W.

Thank you for the new set of Miura iron's and wedges they are the best feeling and performing clubs I have ever experienced. The fitting also for the new PXG putter has taken strokes off my game also. I have given your name out to some of my friends that are looking at getting new clubs.

Your professionalisms and friendly manner of how you conduct yourself is a tribute to your success and I am so glad my friend Jeff sent me to see you for a club fitting.

Don B.

The new PXG 0811 driver you build for me is the best driver I've ever played it's so forgiving and 15 yards longer, I'm now going to replace my old 3 and 5 wood with the PXG fairway woods, will call you next week to set up a time to get fitted for them.

Thanks, Kevin M.

Thanks to you Rey.

Hit the range on the way home Friday at Bootleg Gap, I have never hit clubs like this ever before. Didn't get a sense of how they felt indoors like I did on the range. They are without a doubt the nicest clubs I have ever played. Played Kimberley golf club, getting good distance with all clubs. Love the feel. Have never played forged heads before, love these also love the hybrids.

Thank-you for doing such a wonderful job working with me and fitting me to a perfect set of golf clubs.

Gordon B.

I want to drop you a line, Rey to let you know you have a special gift that far exceeds the fitting of golf equipment to golfers. Your ability to make someone instantly feel at ease when you enter your shop and feel comfortable dealing with you is very reassuring. I wanted to listen to every word you share and you truly provide unbiased feedback is a talented that many golf shops & clubmakers would envy for. Your enthusiasm for what you do is absolutely infectious, I commend you on being so truly successful and passionate about your craft. The complete set of golf clubs you built and fit to my personal needs are far beyond what I would have ever imagined. I have given your name to many of my golf colleges and friends. Thanks again for all what you have done.

Sincerely, Gerry L.

It's been 3 months now since I've been playing the new set of irons and wedges that you custom made for me personally.

They are terrific, after many years of playing named branded golf clubs I can really notice what and improvement these Ikasu irons have made to my golf game my handicap has went from 3 to scratch in this short period of time.

You are amazing at what you do and I'm looking forward to the golf tournaments in the near future with a better confident level then I have ever had thanks to you.

- Randy C.

Thank you so much for spending the time with me Rey.

The reshafting and regripping, the whole fitting pays off now.

I hit it straighter and further than ever, that gave my life almost a new sense: Rey - you're the man!!!!!!

Julien G. Switzerland Golf Team

I wanted to drop you a line to say after playing high level golf these new Ikasu irons and wedges are the best set of clubs I have ever played.

The feel and shot control is outstanding, the wedges spin like no other wedge which I have played all the OEM BIG NAMES and these by far are the best I've played in my career.

Your service and excellent workmanship is unreal, I see now why you are one of the best clubmakers in the World.

Chris T.

The putter you custom made for me is spectacular.

I have dropped my handicap by 5 strokes in the last 3 months and its all to-do with the confidence in my putting.

Graham F.

Rey ,I have been meaning to drop you a note to let you now hope grateful I am ,that you brought a new meaning for me to play golf again.

The Custom set of clubs you build personally for me has dropped my handicap down by 9 strokes.

Every golf club in my bag is now my favorite!

I have given your name out to many of my lady golfing friends in our golf league, you are an amazing Clubmaker!

Liz C.

Rey: I'm still enjoying success with the Zero Tolerance driver that you built for me a couple of years ago.

Neil M.

Greetings Rey, I've been meaning to send you a note to thank you for the clubs you made for me. The Wishon head's and Project X shaft's work wonderfully together. The ball actually goes where I'm aimed. Something I'm not used to. I've passed your name on to many friends and colleagues who are contemplating new clubs. I'll be contacting you soon with regards to a new driver and possibly new putter. Thanks again.

Joe H.

Rey, thanks very much for the new driver it is proving to be a great addition along with the 22 degree hybrid, I would very much like to have you put together the 19 and 25 degree hybrids with the IROD shaft for me.

Brad D.

Just a short note to say the "New Driver" is working really, really well. Have tried it 3 times now, 2 outdoors. Once I got the hang of it, it really launches the ball straight and far. Very pleased ... Thanks again for all your help and knowledge regarding the clubs. Have a good day. Heading to the Okanagan at Easter and will put it to the test for sure.

Sue B.

I wanted to say Thank You for making me the driver and 2 wedges. Last Saturday at our Mens Day Opening, I won the +13 handicap longest drive and attribute this success to the driver, not my swing.

Joe H.

Dear Rey,

I just started golfing last Year, about halfway through the season. I got out quite a bit, not near as much as I had wanted to though. The game grew on me and I decided to try it out the next year as well. I quickly found out that although you may hate the game one-day stick with it because golf is an extremely fun and challenging game, and it makes you grow in many ways. Last year I was hitting around the 110 range and Arnold suggested that if I break one hundred that we would look for some new irons, I was using an old handed down set.

Well, I finally shot a 99. I had heard about you through Joe Marquise and decided to check it out the rumors. It turned out to be a very good decision.

You gave me an amazing deal for some incredible clubs! Not to mention the helpful lessons that improved my swing. I just wanted to say thank you for what you have done, it means a lot to me that some one other than family would care and be that giving. I also wanted to thank you for making my friend Cody his irons. I know he will enjoy them as much as I do.

The irons that I got from you have improved my game tremendously. I dropped about 8 - 10 strokes and added about 20-25 yards on all my irons. You are a great role model. It is always nice to see some one helping out the juniors the way you do. I hope to do the same when I am older.

Now I just have to work on the putting!

Thanks again Rey.

Jordan K. (Age 14)

I had the pleasure of meeting Rey Erickson through a chance encounter with a mutual acquaintenance of of ours. I was lamenting to this mutual friend of how dissatisified I was with my new big name irons (complete with Graphite shafts). He suggested that I go visit a guy who was the best "Club Maker" in town that would analyse my clubs for me. As luck would have it, Rey was a close neighbour of mine, living not five minutes away. I called him up, introduced myself and asked if I could visit with him. Rey invited me to come over the next evening and said, "bring your clubs". When I got there the next night, after exchanging pleasantries it was right to work.

Rey ran me through a battery of drills and exercises to assess if the clubs I had were indeed the correct fit for me. After an extensive analysis, it was determined that my new shiny clubs (complete with Graphite shafts) were absolutely not the proper fit for me.

The testing confirmed that I should not be hitting clubs with a stiff shaft (as opposed to the extreme and irregular flex of the Graphite shaft) and that I should not be hitting clubs with a 2 degree flat lie. I was so impressed with this analysis I even had Rey assess my putter. It came as no surprise that as I stood over the ball the heal of my putter was at least 1/2 inch off the surface. I was putting off the toe of my putter.

To this point all Rey had offered was to look at my equipment for me and provide his professional opinion. I then asked Rey what he could do for me and he politely said "I can help you" by fitting me with the correct clubs. There was no pressure to sell me anything. In fact he did not charge me for the 2 hours that I spent with him that evening. Impressed with this credentials and being thoroughly comfortable with his non-pressure approach to business. I phone him up a couple of nights later to arrange for a fitting. The detail and thoroughness of our next meeting resulted in the birth of a new set of clubs with the "Rey Erickson" quality written all over them. I would highly recommend Rey to anyone who is determined to buy a new set of clubs to visit him first before they make a big investment in golf equipment.


Dwight O.

Works wonderfully. At D'Arcy Ranch at the Great Northern tournament, on the very first shotgun hole I had to tee off on, was the men's longest drive, which I had my name up on the pin until well past the halfway point when someone finally out drove me by about 10 yards.

Today at the MCA Sylvan Lake wrap up I was within 10 - 15 yards of the longest drive.

The toaster sized head is working great, however do you have a Volkswagen size driver head as I need another 20 yards and I don't think that my understated amateur talent is going to accomplish this. (Just kidding as I do need to weak my game a little more).

Thank you

Bruce K.


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