"World" Clubmaker of the Year

First of all, thank you for visiting my website. After graduating from high school I was fortunate to get the opportunity to grow and manage a Wholesale Plumbing, Electrical & Appliance store for more than 28 years. Starting out with three small stores in Western Canada and in those 28 years helped grow the business into 14 stores across Canada into one of the largest independent parts stores.

Passion is an important key to making any business successful and I truly am intrigued and passionate about the golf business, helping clients achieve their goals and desires in golf has been the reason my business, Erickson's Golf has grown into a world recognized company. Opening up a golf business become my passion after years of buying golf equipment example, buying a new set of golf clubs only finding out later that there are no set standards from one company to the other when it came to flex of the shaft or any other part of golf club.This is when I started to get interested in building golf clubs and only after turning a hobby into a fulltime business, Erickson's Golf had the opportunity to service the PGA TOUR Pro's.

I dreamed of this happening but I didn't think it would happen this soon, while I'm already one of the most qualified clubmakers in the business, I realize I have to work hard at keeping up with all the changing technology's in the golf industry this is why I'm continuing to upgrade my skills on a regular bases traveling the world to meet those training and equipment needs.

Over the years I've created working relationships with the top manufactures which has gave me the ability to purchase certain products that are not available to the average clubmaker or golf store plus the ability to know how their products differ from others.

A family - owned and operated business for more than 20 years, Rey loves servicing clients from beginners,seasoned amateurs as well as local club pro's and the touring professional with repeated success.

Often referred to as a shop of "all" trades performing specialty work on golf clubs.

Just like the pro's we match equipment to each of our customers golf swings using the most advanced technology given and the trained eye and expertise to fit you to maximize your golf swing potential.

I would like to thank all my clients from all over the world for choosing Erickson's Professional Custom Clubs & Repairs as their go to place for their golf club requirements, which has allowed me to build a strong relationship in the industry as one the top recognized shops in the world.

We want golfers to play better and that's why we are in business not trying to sell something you don't need or that doesn't work, we try to do our best at having our customers become friends and a loyal customer for life trusting us with their golf equipment requirements.

Custom – fitted clubs have long been the norm on all the professional tours throughout the world which I have had the opportunity to work with, which has allowed me to meet and to become friends with some of the best players in the world which is very gratifying.

By analyzing a player's size, physical characteristics, and ball launch conditions, as a clubfitter I'm able to build golf clubs with precise specifications that maximize each individual's performance.

Please feel free to browse my website on my qualifications and golf services available.

Thank you and hope to have you as one of my client's soon.

- Rey Erickson


Please contact me to set up an appointment or just give me a call I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Please contact Erickson’s Custom Clubs at: (403) 860-3401