Wedges & Custom Hand Grinds

Erickson's Golf offers a complete wedge fitting system to get the most out of your short game.

With all the options available in the stores, how do you choose what wedges to carry in your bag to optimize your short game? We'd like to help you sort this out.

Over 50% of golf is played from within 100 yards of the green ,having the correct wedges is so critical to performing shots that you see tour players doing everyday with great success, there is a secret of how they perform these great shots and I know the answer.

We do Special hand grinding of wedges too.

Erickson's golf is a leader in custom Fit Wedges.


Please contact me to set up an appointment or just give me a call I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Please contact Erickson’s Custom Clubs at: (403) 860-3401