Evaluation of Equipment & Personal Club Fitting

By evaluating your current clubs, we have a baseline over which to improve.

I cannot stress enough how valuable this exercise is because it helps to know what or what you didn't like with your current set.

There are no standards in the golf equipment industry so what you think you are playing with may not really be close to the truth of what you require to perform your best.

For example, shaft flex is a specification that varies a lot, your so-called Regular flex, shafts might turn out to be stiff or they can turn out to be far more flexible than you would expect a regular flex shaft to be.

Loft is another specification that varies a lot. We might find that the loft of your 3 wood is strong at 13 or is weak at 17 degrees, when the sole says 15 degrees.

Irons may have strong or weak lofts too which will result in not the proper trajectory or yardages between each club in your set.

Club length is a variable that we would check to make sure all are suited to your swing profile and set-up.

Many other variables are taken into consideration when we are analyzing your set of clubs.

If we can use your existing clubs because you like them will can see if we can make the correct changes if the clubs allow us to perform such duties as some can be altered more than others.


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