Computerized Fitting & Swing Analysis

It is very difficult to improve your game if your clubs are not properly fitted to both your physical characteristics and golf swing profile.

There are a lot of factors to take into account to arrive at the optimum club specification for any individual golfer.

Up to 15 variables have to be decided, examples such as grip size, length, weight, shaft bent point, shaft flex, swing weight, loft & lie, set make-up etc.

Your golf swing is evaluated by a professional clubfitter who knows how golf club shafts react to each particular swing.

Are you a smooth tempo swinger or a hitter that loads the shaft or a combination of both?

Both types of swing are capable of producing identical swing speeds but require very different shaft requirements.

Do you have an inside out or out-side in swing path or a straight thru swing path we can monitor to see what swing you have developed.

Do you hit the ball too high on the club face or too low?

Do you hit the ball on the toe or heal of the club or in the sweet spot most of the time?

Can any of these problems be corrected by club length, left or lie adjustments or by changing the way you address the ball?

We can see if you require more woods or hybrids then long irons and what type of shaft you require from steel to graphite.

Are there any physical restrictions that the golfer has such a bad back, hip replacement or loss of limb.

All can be helped by a complete custom fitting and swing analyzes by a trained professional fitter with Erickson's Golf meets those highly requirements to fit properly.

When all the information from the evaluation has been determined then we choose the equipment that well suits your style of play and to get the most out of your game to lower your score and to give you more confidence to further liking the game.

The cosmetic appearance of the clubs neither should nor be over looked if you do not like the look at address the chances of hitting your best shot are rare.

The set make-up is very important and we take our time to put you in the correct set so you play your best from driver, irons, wedges, hybrids, and putter we match what's suited better for your game to play your very best.

A typical clubfitting session takes about two hours. A significant chunk of time, you might think but clubfitting done properly takes time.

Please give me a call to know more about professional clubfitting and how it may benefit you as a player from one club to a set of golf clubs.


Please contact me to set up an appointment or just give me a call I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Please contact Erickson’s Custom Clubs at: (403) 860-3401