Balanced Certified & Counter Balancing

Balance - Certified system of counterweights, fit into the shaft of almost any club.

Driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron, or putter you can counter balance to desired feel.

The theory is that not everyone has the exact same swing, so no off the rack club has the right balance for every user.

The system puts you thru a series of tests that help you decide which weight in which club is exactly right for you.

The weight reduces shaft vibrations and moves the focal "node" of the club back into the hands, resulting in more consistent striking and ball control.

Balanced - Certified weights are U.S.G.A and R&A approved for play.

The balance - Certified counter weighting process will optimize the performance of almost all putters.

By going through the process you will find an improved "feel" and control of your putter, book an appointment now to feel the difference it makes.


Please contact me to set up an appointment or just give me a call I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Please contact Erickson’s Custom Clubs at: (403) 860-3401